VOLUME HAIR FIX was developed for easy styling and more natural volume combined with a strong hold. The formula was created specially to provide a long-lasting hold but, at the same time, hair styled with VOLUME HAIR FIX stays flexible and sways naturally.


In order to protect sensitive scalps, we made a point of avoiding additional aromas in the formula.


Thanks to the smart, portable shape of its container, it’s easy to take VOLUME HAIR FIX with you and use it anywhere.


VOLUME HAIR FIX is also the perfect complement to VOLUME HAIR FIBERS, making sure that the thickening fibers in the product stay more strongly attached to hair on the head. Its fine spray coats the fibers and offers them increased protection from wind and rain. This combination makes for a completely new feel to hair that lasts for longer.



Fine spray coats the hair

Long-lasting hold