The idea behind VOLUME HAIR BOOSTING SHAMPOO is simple: visibly thicker, fuller hair. Our exclusive formula achieves this in three distinct steps:

1. The shampoo washes hair, gently but thoroughly.

2. Selected active ingredients care for hair strand by strand.

3. The special volume formula leaves hair looking fuller, thicker.


Our BOOSTING SHAMPOO strengthens hair without weighing it down, leaving it looking fuller and livelier than ever before. Say goodbye to tired, lifeless hair: VOLUME HAIR BOOSTING SHAMPOO guarantees results you can feel and see – from the first wash on.


The innovative VOLUME HAIR BOOSTING SHAMPOO formula is particularly long-lasting, leaving you with hair which feels like you’ve come straight out of the shower hours later. Even the day after washing, your hair will feel fresh and clean, look fuller, more voluminous – and still be noticeably easier to shape, model, and style.


One characteristic of VOLUME HAIR BOOSTING SHAMPOO that is particularly popular is its scent, as luxurious as it is subtle. We make a point of avoiding strong aromas, and as soon as you start to work our shampoo into your hair, you’ll notice that this really is no ordinary haircare product. Use VOLUME HAIR BOOSTING SHAMPOO and treat yourself to an experience of unparalleled luxury.